AR500 steel targets are very durable. However, their service life will be reduced dramatically if they are misused or abused. Steel targets should not be looked at as a "forever" purchase. They have a life span and should be looked at as a commodity, not an investment. How they are used will directly affect their longevity.

All targets have the potential to pit, crack, bow, and chip. There are several factors that affect the degradation process.

1. Projectile velocity: Projectiles traveling over 2,800 fps can damage targets out to about 150 yards. We have seen this with several manufacturers of targets, including our own in testing. Again, it depends on what you are shooting at it, and at what distance.

2. Projectile: Do not ever shoot steel core, bi-metal, military ammo, or monolithic projectiles at steel targets. They will damage the surface even at intermediate distances.

3. Distance from shooter to target: SCP, LLC. recommends the following minimum distances for target placement:

  • Common defensive pistol calibers- 15 yards
  • .223/.308- 200 yards
  • 6.5mm/6mm- 250yards
  • 300 WM- 400 yards

4. Angle of target presentation: Our mount presents the targets to the shooter with a more neutral angle. We do this in order to maintain a realistic presentation of anatomic targets to the shooter, while maintaining the perfect amount of reactivity. Conversely, a target with zero degrees of presentation angle, will be more likely to become damaged, and therefore should be placed further away from the shooter. 

*NOTE: There are several variables that determine how much damage can be caused, based on reasons listed above. Speed of projectiles, and the heat generated by the impact is what kills targets. If you are shooting a projectile over 3,000 fps, move back! You shouldn't be shooting at steel closer than 300 yards anyway. 

Shooter Safety:


  • Strongly recommends that you do not shoot steel with pistols closer than 15 yards. 
  • All shooters and spectators MUST wear eye protection when shooting steel  at less than 100 yards.