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The 2018 STEEL CITY PRECISION RIFLE CHALLENGE, presented by NIGHTFORCE, will be held FEBRUARY 10-11TH, at White Feather Precision Shooting,  Ardmore TN. 


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EVENT DESCRIPTION: This will be a precision rifle multi-gun event, not just a match. This will be a "field match" format with emphasis on practical courses of fire, scenario based stages, and not shooting off barricades for every stage. This means we will seek out natural terrain and obstacles to utilize as shooting positions. 

-We will be coordinating with vendors so they can have as many opportunities as possible to show their products to shooters and spectators in designated demo / stage areas on both Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon/evening. 

MATCH ATMOSPHERE: The match will be designed to accommodate all shooting abilities. Our main goal is to host a fun match with a laid back atmosphere. We want all to feel comfortable competing at a match that encourages camaraderie, and assistance from more experienced shooters. We have a fun and challenging course of fire planned to test the precision rifle shooter with stages emphasizing, accuracy, time/gear management all under practical rifle scenario based stages. There will be pistol in this match. The targets will be a combination of paper and/or steel.

-UPDATE: 11/14/17: Now that this is a PRS match for 2018, we can't allow shooters to assist each other. However, what we will do is on the stages we intended to allow team participation we will put out calibrated wind flags so the shooter can get a wind call by evaluating the flags downrange. 

-This event will be very well organized, with extra attention paid to shooter movement around the property. We are very familiar with moving shooters around large properties, and with more involved courses of fire. As in all our previous events, we will make sure every detail is addressed in order to maximize your shooting experience.

CHARITABLE GIVING: The team at Steel City Precision believes very strongly in serving those that serve our country, and our communities. Each team member, has made a firm commitment to this cause. This is the primary driving factor for all events we provide. We will raise money for charity in the following ways:

1 .For the fourth year in a row, this match will be a benefit match where we will donate a portion of  proceeds to a military charity. This year, we are supporting the USMC Scout Sniper Association. (www.scoutsniper.org)

2. We will be selling "mulligans" again this year, which allows the shooter to pick one stage as a "do-over" with all proceeds going to charity.

3. Our primary fundraising efforts will now occur leading up to the match by running raffles through RallyUp. This will be for higher dollar items such as rifles and optics. 

4. There may be other opportunities at the match for fundraising, so bring your check book, cash or credit card!

5. This year we may have a night shoot separate from the match that will benefit the USMC Scout Sniper Association. Vendors have already stepped up to support this. We may have thermal systems with heated targets for suppressed rifle engagements, night vision for suppressed pistol. We will provide more info via Facebook as this develops!

*In the past 3 years we have raised over $30,000 for the Army Sniper Association. We want to continue our legacy of charitable giving this year by supporting the USMC Scout Sniper Association. We have two Marines on our staff, and we are proud to show our support for them.

PRIZE TABLE / TROPHIES: This will be a prize table match just like previous years events. It is well known that we have some of the best support from the best companies out there. Trophies will be awarded to the following divisions:


NOTE ON PRIZE TABLE: *The competitors who receive a trophy in divisions listed above, will be presented with a prize package. Outside the trophy finishers, the prize table will be a random draw. We feel this promotes the sport in a positive way, rather than placing too much emphasis on just the prize table*

NEW THIS YEAR! NIGHT SHOOT: This year we will have a night shoot separate from the match that will benefit the USMC Scout Sniper Association. Vendors have already stepped up to support this. We may have thermal systems with heated targets for suppressed rifle engagements, night vision for suppressed pistol. We will provide more info via Facebook as this develops!

LOCATION: This years event will be held at King B Farm in Ardmore TN. This is a brand new facility with natural terrain and some amazing facilities!  We are excited to utilize the property to its fullest potential. www.whitefeatherprecisionshooting.com

PRS: Although this will be a PRS points match, this match has been a charity event from the beginning and that will remain the primary focus.

RANGE OFFICERS: We need 20 range officers for this event. Your double occupancy hotel rooms will be covered. All range officers must be approved by SCP, LLC. Please contact Austin Cook at austin@steelcityprecision.com if interested. R.O.'s are encouraged to show up as early as possible on Friday AM to shoot through stages.

SCHEDULE: Registration is, Friday, FEBRUARY 9TH in the main club house from 4-7pm. 

*The mandatory safety brief is at 0700 on Saturday FEBRUARY 10TH in the main parking area, with first shots fired at 0800. 

Saturday: We will shoot from 0800-1600. (safety brief at 0700)

Sunday: We will shoot from 0745-1500, (may finish earlier) with the prize table to follow. (We may start earlier. Stay tuned for further updates closer to match time)

SQUAD ASSIGNMENTS: We will squad through practiscore. A link will be sent to paid shooters around JANUARY 10TH to squad with their friends.

When the match is full, an email will be sent out to confirmed shooters with further information.

-When  purchasing entry into the match, if you are successful checking out, THEN YOU ARE CONFIRMED TO SHOOT THE MATCH.

ZERO RANGE: A 100 yard zero range will be available from 2pm-4pm on Friday. Do not arrive early or later, as it will be closed. Bring your own paper. There will be a 3,150 FPS speed limit (.223-300WM)

ROUND COUNT: This 2 day Tactical Precision rifle match will require approximately 180-200 rifle rounds to complete. shooters are encouraged to bring additional rounds. Pistol round count approximately 80-100 rounds (depending on how much you miss). Be prepared to carry 30 pistol rounds on at least one stage.

SCORING: Will be a "hit" based point system for rifle stages. Most stages will take 1:30-2:30 min  to complete. For pistol, it most likely will be 2 hits anywhere on paper to neutralize, or same on steel. Pistol will be incorporated into approximately 6-8 stages, and engagements will be easy.

STAGES: There will be approximately 16-18 stages where competitors will navigate various obstacles and shooting positions. Most of the stages will be scenario based practical target engagements. Targets will mostly be silhouette type practical targets in order to simulate realistic field scenarios.

-Some stages will have physical "stressors" which could include lifting objects, climbing, or crawling. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most physically demanding this match will be a 4-5. Competitors should have a realistic assessment of their physical abilities prior to registering for this match.

The following gear is recommended:

  1. Small Binoculars - 8-10x for locating targets.
  2.  Rain gear, and any other foul weather equipment. Be prepared to be exposed in natural terrain for most of each day.
  3. Food / Snacks - Be prepared to provide your own food for the day. (water will be provided at all stages)
  4. Small med kit.

*The following gear is required:

  1. A medium sized ruck to carry all gear in the field.
  2. A pistol holster that retains the pistol. We strongly encourage a holster with an locking mechanism that must be disengaged by the shooter. If during the match, a loaded pistol comes out of the holster during vigorous movements, the competitor will be disqualified from the match. (SERPA holsters are not allowed unless it is duty issued gear.)
  3. Eye protection- (for stages with pistol steel 7-50 yards)
  4. The ability to carry multiple pistol magazines on your person. (minimum 30 rounds). There will be one stage where 20-30 pistol impacts will be required to get all available pistol points.
  5. Tripod- Be able to use the tripod as shooting support for standing, seated, and prone positions..
  6. Shooter must be familiar with their reticle and how to determine distance to target without using a range finder.

TARGET DISTANCES: Most are known distance, with the majority from 300-+1,300 yards, some targets for rifle may be as close as 25 yards. Most targets will be reactive silhouette type steel no smaller than 2-MOA,  but some close stages will be paper. If a stage requires a range finder one will be provided, or the shooter can bring their own. Most pistol targets will be from 3 yards-20 yards. There will be 1 pistol stage with a man sized target at 100 yards.

VENDOR DEMO AREAS: We will be offering the option to pre-approved vendors/donors to set up and demo products near designated stages. This will allow vendors and shooters to interact during the match. Vendors will be encouraged to observe the match throughout the day, or can volunteer to R.O. in order to interact with the competitors. (Contact Richard Crouse at richard@steelcityprecision.com)

SPONSORS: Our sponsor administrators are Richard Crouse: richard@steelcityprecision.com and Austin Cook: austin@steelcityprecision.com Please email either of them for any information. Our sponsor packages will be the same as last year, and we will email them shortly. A limited number of approved sponsor slots will be available on a first come, first approved basis.

FOOD AND WATER: Food will not be provided during the match.  Water will be provided in each shooting area.

 LODGING & MATCH FEE: We suggest finding a hotel in ATHENS, AL. Its a short 25 min drive from Athens to Ardmore TN, and the facility is off I65.

-MATCH FEE: $250.00

-PAYMENT PLAN: Shooters may elect to split up there match fee. They must pay the full amount by match weekend. This means a payment of $125.00 must be made twice prior to the match.

*Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for the match if a shooter cannot attend. It is up to the shooter to find and sell his/her spot if unable to attend.*